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Why Yandex.Mail for a domain?

Corporate mail
Personal mail
Mail for your users

Use Yandex.Mail for your domain free of charge for effective communication between the employees of your organization.

At your disposal

  • Required number of mailboxes (by default 1,000, to get more, contact our Support Service)
  • A convenient interface for managing mail accounts (blocking mailboxes of dismissed and the creation of mailboxes for new employees, changing passwords, etc.)
  • You can use your organization's logo in the Mail's web interface.
  • Unlimited-size mailbox
  • Reliable anti-spam and virus system
  • Access to mail through the web interface (from any computer) and mail programs using POP3/IMAP protocols
  • Access to mail from mobile devices
  • A calendar for organizing your work day, scheduling meetings, and creating a to-do list
  • Convenient tools for working with messages in the web interface (previewing office documents, downloading all files as one archive, filters and labels for convenient sorting of correspondence, and much else).
  • Many other capabilities (default address, domain aliases).

Are you the owner of your domain?

Use Yandex.Mail for your domain for free, and you will receive

  • A nice email address with any login and an address using your domain.
  • One thousand email accounts that you can give to your friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • Unlimited-size mailboxes
  • Reliable anti-spam and virus system.
  • Many different themes to choose from for your interface.
  • Access to mail using POP3/IMAP protocols.
  • Access to mail from mobile devices
  • Convenient tools for working with messages in the web interface (downloading attached files into one archive, listening to attached mp3s, popular social network logos, and much else).
  • Many other capabilities (default address, domain aliases).

If your organization, site or portal is hoping to attract and hold on to users, then setting up a quality email service on your domain is one of the best ways to realize your goal.

Set up Yandex.Mail on your domain for free and you'll get:

  • Free mail hosting;
  • An API that lets you transfer inboxes you already have on your domain to our server without losing information or needing to change your password and many other features.

* the majority of customization options are only available for major sites, Internet-providers and regional portals. Find out what options are available for your site through our Support Service.

Yandex DNS hosting

Delegating your domain to Yandex is the easiest way to set-up Yandex.Mail on your domain

More about DNS hosting →

10 GB on Yandex.Disk

Free Yandex.Disk space is available for every user on the domain. To get it, go to and log in using the domain account.

The domain belongs to
In order to connect %%domain to Yandex.Mail, you should purchase the rights to this domain from

Many large email services and popular email applications do not support the delivery of mail to email addresses hosted at .рф domains. Mail delivery to mailboxes hosted at .рф domains is only guaranteed when the mail is sent from the Yandex.Mail web interface.

In addition, the names of mailboxes (the part preceding "@") cannot contain Cyrillic characters - this goes against the rules of existing mail protocols. For example, you cannot create a mailbox name like иван@your

Do you agree with these mail service limitations your .рф domain imposes?